Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dauntless by Dina L. Sleiman
Merry Ellison use to be a lady, a baron's daughter. After her father tried to assassinate King John, she was forced to go into hiding, also saving a whole villages of orphaned children. Doing so she was forced to leave behind her intended, Timothy Grey. When their paths cross again will he be able to find a way to get her back and not become a rebel in doing so? And is she the same girl he fell in love with?

This book had a slow start and a faster ending. To me it seemed to drag on and was a bit boring at times. Nothing that happened was very exciting, and that was a bummer for me. I wanted what the cover seemed to promise- a girl that can hold her own and might be a little violent to save her orphan family. The real story had some of that, but not enough to satisfy me.

I liked the writing in this and it was clear the author did a lot of research on this time period. I also really enjoyed how it was sort of a retelling of Robin Hood, but it didn't copy it too much.

The romance was pretty realistic I would imagine- take into consideration I don't know much about this time period, so I don't really know anything about dating or the dos and don'ts of it when this book took place. Like I said though, I thought it was accurate enough.

Since this book is by a Christian publisher it had it's fair share of biblical references and talk of God, but I didn't mind. I have never read a Christian book before this, but it was better than I expected and I will be trying more books in this genre again when I have time.

I did have my problems with this, mainly because of how slow the start is, but I think you should try it if it sounds interesting to you!

***I received this book from Goodreads First Reads. Thank you for the great opportunity to read this!!!***

Thanks for reading!

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