Review Policy

My reviews will always include my own short summary of the book, the book's cover, and my rating. I rate from 1 to 5 stars with one being the worst and 5 the best. Here's my rating system

5 stars: Awesome! It's very rare that I give a book 5 stars, but I will if I really love the book. It must be perfect all around.

4.5 stars: Almost perfect, but I had a problem with at most two things.

4 stars: Really good, but I wouldn't say it was one of my ABSOLUTE favorites.

3.5 stars: A little above average. I liked it, but it had at most 5 errors.

3 stars: Nice light read for a day at the beach. It was alright, but definitely wasn't amazing.

2.5 stars: Getting into the wasn't very good territory... I might recommend based on what other books you like.

2 stars: Was definitely not perfect, but some entertainment.

1.5 stars: Needs improvement.

1 star: I loathed it. Did not entertain, plot holes, bad characterization... The list goes on and on. I only give one stars if I know the author can do better.

I love reading and reviewing books. I accept ARC's, self-published books, and Galleys as long as they are YA. If they are not, I'm sorry, but I cannot read or review them. My blog is strictly YA, but if I branch out more someday, I will notify everyone on here. I may be reading a few NA books, but not ones with really bad content.

If you need to contact me with something, please email me. My email is I will not accept any book that I don't think that I will like or that I don't have time for. It MUST BE YA!!! There is no chance that I will accept any adult unless it is clean Christian Fiction. Even if I accept your book it must be a paper copy, not EBook and I will always write my honest opinion. If I cannot finish it for whatever reason I will include why in my review and my rating will reflect how good the portion of the book that I read was.

My reviews are my own opinions. I am completely honest with them and would never say anything in them that I do not mean.

Please remember to follow me! I love talking about books so also feel free to comment on my reviews! I love hearing from you.

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