Sunday, May 24, 2015

The One by Kiera Cass

 There can be only one winner...
America never thought that she would last this long in the selection... or for that matter actually begin to have feelings for Maxon. But when the rebels threaten the whole kingdom's future America and Maxon know they need to do something. But will America be picked as Maxon's wife? And what about Aspen?

Like I've said before, this series is just entertainment. Honestly it has no substance and you should know that going into it. If you're looking for some life-changing dystopian story, look elsewhere. If you're looking for some fluff with basically no substance this is the series for you!

America is the most whiny main character I have ever seen. Everything was about her and Maxon. Oh poor me, I have to choose between Maxon and Aspen. Who will I ever choose? That was literally the only thing that ever happened in all three of the books. You sort of learn to tune it out though...

Maxon was super annoying in this book. If he really knew that he wanted to pick America he would have just done it and wouldn't have kept making out with Celeste and all the other girls. He was such a jerk in this book.

I actually started to like Aspen and how he moved on from America. I wish she could have just realized that and told Maxon how she felt and then most of the drama in this book never would have happened.

The world building in this series was not good. I could care less about the castes since the author didn't really do a good job putting very much detail into them. I don't understand how anyone could live that way and how there were not any rebellions sooner, especially by the sevens and eights. This was too unrealistic to me.

I can honestly say that after reading The Heir it doesn't get much better. America's daughter is the main character in that book and she's not annoying like America, but she is super selfish and thinks everyone is beneath her.

Thanks for reading!

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