Sunday, May 31, 2015

Frostfire by Amanda Hocking
Bryn lives in the world of the Kanin, a troll group living unbeknownst to humans. Someday she hopes to be part of the king's guard, but for now she is training and going on a few missions. When one goes wrong and she comes face to face with the man that tried to kill her father years before, she realizes that he has also been killing Changelings but he may be working for someone else. That combined with the fact she has a crush on her boss that he may feel back is getting to be too much for Bryn. Will she be able to save the kingdom she loves from Konstantin Black once and for all?

Ever since I read Hocking's Trylle series I have collected almost all of her books so that when I have time to read them I can. When I saw she was writing another series in this awesome world I preordered it as fast as I could. For fans of the first series this one might be a bit of a disappointment but an overall entertaining read.

Parts of this book sort of got boring for me. It seemed to move too slow and didn't have much happening. Luckily these were overshadowed by the fighting scenes which may have been my favorite parts.

There was barely any romance in this book but the next book has a lot of stuff that might be considered inappropriate for younger audiences. It isn't that bad but just as a warning if you are under 13 or 14 you might want to read something else.

In this book Ridley sort of seems like a jerk and a player but in the next book you really get to see his better qualities. I think the next book is much better than this one so if you didn't like it I would recommend still trying the next one. Just like the Trylle series they seem to be getting better as the series progresses.

I will be posting reviews for the other books by this author really soon. This was one of my least favorites, and we'll see how the third book in the series goes.

Thanks for reading!

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