Monday, May 25, 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass
Years after America and Maxon's fairytale selection, their daughter, Eadlyn, is having her own. She will do anything to wait and find her one true love, but to distract her kingdom from the rebellions she must do the one thing she would do anything to avoid- have her own selection. But will she fall in love on the way?

Months ago I saw their were going to be more books in this series and I was ecstatic! Even though I gave them low ratings doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them. Sometimes even if I liked a book I might give it only 2 stars just because it had one or two issues that I really did not like. That was what happened with this series. Unfortunately this one wasn't as entertaining as the other ones.

Eadlyn was a super selfish character. Everything was about her and she didn't care about anyone's feelings except her own. She treated her maids like dirt and seemed to always say the dumbest things. She was also rude to her possible future husbands and multiple times I wondered why they wouldn't just leave.

Honestly, NOTHING happened in this book. The only major thing that did was at the end, but I won't tell you since it would spoil the book. It was such a huge cliffhanger that it was like the author was grasping for something to force readers to come back. I have found this many times in books and it honestly just annoys me so bad. Its one thing to leave the reader with questions for the next book, but its a whole other action to start something with literally 3 pages left.

I have been waiting for this book for so long that this is a huge disappointment. I will be reading the next book, but the wait honestly won't kill me.

Thanks for reading!

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