Sunday, May 17, 2015

Half Wild by Sally Green
Now that Annalise is in a death-like sleep, Nathan must either join Neptune and kill his father or let Annalise die. Complications arise when the rebel witches recruit him and he must try to recruit his father. He doesn't know what Annalise would want him to do, especially concerning Gabriel who's feelings for him are confusing and that might be felt mutually. Can he help Annalise and all the while not be forced to kill his father? Can he even find his father without being killed? And can he come to terms with the animal he turns into every night?

Whoever has read my review of Half Bad knows how much I disliked that book. If it is possible, this one was much worse. Dragging on, it seemed like I couldn't get into it to save my life, and like with the first book I found myself trying to do anything other than reading.

This book jumped all over the place. I honestly couldn't figure out what scenes were flashbacks and which took place normal day. It was just too confusing.

The worst part of this book was the love-triangle if you can even call it that. By the end of the book I started hating Annalise and her friend (I forgot her name). Her friend wouldn't stop snobbing at Nathan, whenever he tried to apologize to Annalise she would tell him to just leave her alone. It seemed like she was making it so that Annalise had no say in the matter. I don't like Gabriel either, but just because of the way Annalise was acting- like she was better than Nathan and it's just his job to run after her apologizing for every little thing, I hope that he ends up with Nathan instead of her. The first book I liked her, but now I just can't stand her.

I will be reading the last book, but I probably won't enjoy it (just warning you ahead of time). And to think I spent my book allowance on this!

Thanks for reading!

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