Saturday, May 2, 2015

Alive by Chandler Baker
Stella's sure she's going to die, until the day she finally gets a heart transplant. She finds weird things happening to her afterwards- blinding pain at the same time every day and a hollow pain unless she's with the new guy, Levi. She feels a connection with him that she cannot explain and forgets about all her other friends once she meets him, including Henry, her best friend who she has had a crush on forever and is now returning her feelings. She has a feeling that something is a little off about Levi, but she can't figure out what. Does the heart in fact lie, or is he the one she's meant to be with? Can she figure out things with Henry before they get even more complicated? And can they stay friends through it all?

I really wasn't sure what to expect with this book. In the pit of my stomach I was sort of thinking that it would be a sort of corny contemporary, and I was mentally cringing when I thought about having to read 300+ pages of that. What I found is it's really part mystery, part paranormal with gory parts that make it all the more interesting and complex. I would say it is definitely unique and it definitely outdoes all the competition that it may have with ghost/horror books.

I loved all the characters and I've got to say that Henry is hands down my favorite. He was so sweet and loyal throughout the book and I loved how he stuck with Stella throughout her heart transplant and never stopped loving and caring for her even when she was dating Levi. Even Levi was likeable, his character was so complex, thought out and 3D that it was hard to hate him like I was obviously suppose to.

I feel that when this book is released it is definitely going to be a bestseller if it gets the right marketing and people recommend it to their friends. Buy this as soon as it is released! I cannot recommend it enough. Even though I had my problems with it, they were very minor and shouldn't have even mattered.

*** Thank you Goodreads First Reads and Hyperion for supplying me with this book! I really enjoyed reading it.***

Thanks for reading!

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