Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Angelfall and World After by Susan Ee
The apocalypse has come....
Penryn lives in a world ruled by angels and street gangs. The world is being ravaged by them and if someone doesn't stop them the entire human race will be destroyed. Penryn rescues an angel named Raffe. Doing so, her little sister gets kidnapped and she must go on a journey to save her- if she's even still alive. With help from Raffe will she be able to do it?

I'm trying a double review today. I don't know how well it's going to work, but we'll see how it goes.

In Angelfall, Penryn was a strong heroine, nothing like Bella Swan from Twilight. I liked how she stood her own and never let anyone boss her around. My one small problem was in World After she seemed a little more dependent on Raffe, but I did like how their relationship sort of progressed and they got more comfortable with each other.

The plot moved really smoothly and it was barely ever boring. I felt that even though there wasn't a lot going on, the author still managed to make it entertaining. This was a major plus.

If you want to read some paranormal without all the cliché romance and bad role models, try this series out! Someday I might post separate reviews for these two, but it was easier for me to do this at the moment.

***Thank you Netgalley and Amazon Children's Publishing for letting me read these two books! I really appreciate it!***

Thanks for reading!

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