Saturday, May 16, 2015

Half Bad by Sally Green
Nathan is a half-blood witch. He never truly belongs with white witches or black witches and get bullied. The only thing he has ever wanted is for his father to come and give him his 3 gifts on his 16th birthday. Trapped in a cage by the white witches he knows this will never happen- he will never be free, never meet his father... Or will he?

Based on the glowing reviews from fellow book bloggers, I thought I would really enjoy this book. Rival witches groups, not to mention MAGIC!! At first I thought this might make my list of favorite books this year. Unfortunately it didn't.

This book felt like a rip-off of Harry Potter, and the author actually lives in England just like J.K. Rowling. Although it has been a while since I read Harry Potter, there were much more glaring similarities between the two and it really started to annoy me.

The plot was confusing, switching between 2nd person and 1st person, and it kept switching around the time era too. I did not like that at all.

Overall, I did not enjoy this book and I definitely would not recommend it.

Thanks for reading!

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