Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: The Devil and Winnie Flynn by Micol Ostow and David Ostow

3/5 stars
Pages: 336
Publisher: SOHO Teen
Release Date: October 13th, 2015
ISBN:  9781616955977
Genres: YA, Horror, Paranormal, Supernatural

After Winnie's mother dies in a sudden suicide, she decides to intern for a summer with her Aunt Maggie who runs a paranormal T.V. show. Winnie is a definite skeptic but after witnessing some things she's not so sure anymore. That combined with the cute paranormal investigator, the New Jersey Devil, and the truth behind her mothers death will make for one interesting summer...

I was lured into this book with the creepy cover and the promise of some ghosts or supernatural happenings. It turns out it was a little less focused on ghosts and more on the New Jersey Devil, but that was okay with me! Overall it was a pretty good read but it wasn't very memorable. I read it less than a week ago and I feel like I've already forgotten key points in the plot which usually doesn't happen to me until at least a month has gone by.

The romance was mainly superficial and that really annoyed me. It was sort of "love" at first sight for Winnie and I hated how gullible she was with everything. It wasn't really insti-love but still after just meeting him and not really knowing him it just seemed like he was the best thing ever to her. Overall he annoyed me (sorry, I forgot his name) and I just couldn't stand him the whole book. There was also a plot twist at the end that I won't get into but I saw it coming. It was really predictable.

There were awesome illustrations throughout the book and I loved looking at them. They seemed to add so much to the story and it helped me to imagine things better. They might have been one of my favorite parts and they made the book a lot more enjoyable! They added half a star to my rating.

Overall I might recommend this based on if you like ghost shows on T.V. Just saying, my favorite is Ghost Hunters even though this book gave me a whole new perspective on them!

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.***

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