Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Night Divided by Jennifer L. Nielsen

The rise of the Berlin Wall separates Gerta's family; she's on the East side with her mother and her brother, Fritz and her father and other brother, Dominic are on the West side. Gerta and Fritz will do anything to bring their family back together- but are they going to be able to face the struggles of escaping East Berlin and the Soviet's tyrant rule?

I found this to be a definite page-turner. It really seemed to be historically accurate and it really surprised me when I learned that this is the author's first try in historical fiction. She wrote like she really knew her facts and I liked that.

I actually enjoyed this a lot more than this author's False Prince series. They're completely different genres but for some reason this one appealed to me a lot more and for that reason I think that this author should keep writing historical fiction. Her fantasy novels are good too but after reading this book it seems like she truly shines with historical fiction.

The plot moved steadily and was never very slow. I found myself needing to know what was going to happen next and I couldn't put the book down. This is classified as middle grade but I feel like it has crossover appeal for young adult too and could actually be classified as such. I really enjoyed it.

I love any historical fiction but this one really stood out from other books I've read recently. It seemed like the Berlin Wall is a subject that hasn't been written about enough and I had no idea what it was until I read "The Notorious Pagan Jones" earlier this summer. That got me hooked and when I found out about this book I knew I had to read it.

I loved all the courage the characters had. Gerta's father had to have been super brave just to have been able to communicate over the wall and Gerta had to have been even more brave to go through with digging the tunnel. I feel that each of the characters showed bravery in their own kind of way and I loved that about the book. It really shows that you can make it out of any situation as long as you stay confident. I really saw the love between the characters and it made the book even more memorable for me.

I would highly recommend this!! Anyone who loves historical fiction should really check it out and I am sure you will find something about it that you love!

***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This did not impact my review in any way.***

Thanks for reading!

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