Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fever by Lauren DeStefano

Now that Rhine and Gabriel have escaped from Rhine's forced marriage and Gabriel's servitude, they are on the run from Linden's father. But this is just the beginning. Being taken by a circus and just managing to escape, they make their way to New York to try and find Rhine's brother- but what they find there changes everything. Will they be able to finally truly escape from Rhine's forced marriage and somehow find a cure for the virus?
This book wasn't as good as the first one for me. It seemed like the writing was really forced and it impacted the book negatively. Also the plot was sort of weird paced and it didn't seem to go anywhere until the end of the book. It definitely had "second book syndrome".
I was okay with the characters but there weren't many main ones in this book. It was basically just Rhine and Gabriel the whole book with a few new characters introduced every 50 pages or so but not many of them were described in much detail. That really disappointed me since I like books with really 3D characters. Overall it was okay though.
The romance really heated up between Rhine and Gabriel but it sort of annoyed me how Rhine wouldn't stop thinking about Linden at the same time. It felt like she wasn't completely over him which was kind of weird since she never wanted to be married to him in the first place and not much happened between them in terms of romance. I understand how she missed Cecily and worried about her though and I liked how it showed how caring of a person she was. Overall she was a good character to read about.
Overall I would recommend this series as a whole but definitely not because of this one. It is my least favorite in the series so you shouldn't judge the series on this book.

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