Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review: Crystal Kingdom by Amanda Hocking

4.5/5 stars
Pages: 432
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: August 4th, 2015
ISBN: 9781250049889

In this fast paced conclusion to the Kanin Chronicles, Bryn is on the run from the Kanin who accused her of murder and treason. She finds an ally in the most unlikely source, Konstantin Black, an enemy of all the kingdoms and who attempted to murder her father years before. Will Bryn and Konstantin find help with the Trylle or will they refuse to participate in the coming war? And what about all of Bryn's Kanin friends, including Ridley? Will she be forced to fight and maybe even kill them?

This was my favorite of the series. I loved how well all the loose ends were tied up and I feel like all my questions were answered in this book. It moved very smoothly and I loved how everything that happened made sense in its own way.

The characters were written so well that I felt like I really knew them. All of them seemed to really have their own personality and I loved that. Even the most minor characters were unique and I feel that really added to the overall feel of the book. Ridley and Bryn were perfect together but I loved the twist with Konstantin in the end. It helped to show just how much Bryn loved Ridley in my opinion. Konstantin was a complex character and I thought he was really mysterious, what with how he could put on a mask when he needed too and I liked how he didn't do that all that much with Bryn. He was probably my favorite character but I still shipped Ridley and Bryn much more.

I loved the how every few chapters there would be one of Ember's letters. It was a unique way to show what was happening in Kanin and how people were dealing with it. I also liked reading her letters and learning more about her personality especially since she's not in the book much after that. It was a really cool idea to include them in the book and it added to the world building of the book.

It was awesome how characters from the Trylle series were in this one especially Wendy, Loki, and Finn. It was fun to see that they were living happily and that Wendy was still as caring and compassionate as she was in the other series. The war scenes were a little graphic but overall they were pretty good. There was a ton of death and most of it was really sad but I'm not going to say who all died just because most of it is major spoilers. I just about cried about some of it and I didn't even cry when I read the Fault in Our Stars! It was pretty sad.

I would strongly recommend this series and the Trylle series. They both made my list of favorite series and whatever Amanda Hocking writes in the future I will definitely be reading!

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I have given this above.*** 

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