Monday, August 3, 2015

Rebellion by Stephanie Diaz

The uprising has begun.It's been seven days since Clementine and Logan, along with their allies, retreated into hiding on the Surface. The rebels may have won one battle against Commander Charlie, but the fight is far from finished. He has vowed to find a way to win—no matter the cost. Do the rebels have what it takes to defeat him...and put an end to this war?As Clementine and Logan enter a desperate race against time to defeat Commander Charlie—and attempt to weaken his power within his own ranks—they find themselves in a terrifying endgame that pits them against a brutal enemy, and each other. With every step, Clementine draws closer to losing Logan...and losing control of herself.
 I'm really not sure what to think about Rebellion. I read it a few months ago and to this day I'm not sure where it went wrong with me. I loved the first book; it was very well-written and entertaining. This one just couldn't seem to work with me.

First of all, I'm just going to say that the cover is amazing. Its so pretty and the colors just go along so well. I really like all the covers in this series but this one is by far my favorite.

My main problem with this book was how slow paced it was. The first book was a little bit slow but not like this. It seemed to drag on and on. It had a lot of stuff happening in it, but that all just sort of got jumbled together and didn't seem to make much sense for me. It was almost like this book should have been divided into two books with a little more things added to it. Usually I hate it when there are too many books in a series, but in this case it seemed like there should have been one more.

Clem is one of the strongest girl characters I have encountered in YA. She didn't take anything from anyone and fought for the things she believed in. I liked how romance didn't overtake the whole storyline and she was an actual person when she wasn't with Logan. It was obvious that they cared for each other though and I liked that.

 Even though I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book or the last book I would still recommend this whole series. Just be aware that this one isn't as enjoyable as the other ones.

Thanks for reading!

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