Saturday, June 20, 2015

Riding by Cassia Cassitas

Born with a disability, Andre still manages to make the most of each day and live life to its fullest. He also manages to find his love- cycling. Competing and practicing each day he works his way up to his ultimate goal- the Olympics. This is his story.

I wasn't exactly sure what this was going to be about. The cover doesn't exactly give much away and neither did the blurb on the back. Going out on a limb, I requested it from and a few days later was approved for it. I'm glad that I got to read the book, but a few parts of it fell flat.

I really liked the characters. They were so loving and supportive of each other and all of them had unique relationships with each other. You could tell there was a lot of love between them.

Andre's determination was really extraordinary. I really respected him for all that he overcame and how hard he worked to achieve his goals. I thrive to be able to do that and I really found him to be a good person. However, his character wasn't fleshed out very well and all the characters started to seem like the same person.

I didn't really like the plot. It seemed all over the place and I think it was partially because the book ranged across at least 20 years and many different countries. I couldn't really keep track of what was happening at times and I found myself confused many times throughout.

I find myself outnumbered on the Goodreads website since everyone except for me rated this book at least 4 stars. It just wasn't the book for me. Maybe you'll like it better and I respect your opinion but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

***Thanks go out to the author for a review copy of this book. This didn't influence my rating or review in any way.***

Thanks for reading!

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