Monday, April 20, 2015

The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige
This book continued Amy's story. Now, after she got the tin man's heart she must also somehow acquire the scarecrow's brain and the lion's courage before she is able to finally kill Dorothy and release Oz from her tyranny. Something that would help her greatly is to find the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked (if there's anything left of it), and more specifically Nox who may or may not know what to do. Can she save Oz in time? Will she find out if all is what it seems to be? Read the book to find out!

Even though there is major drama surrounding something the author tweeted, I chose to ignore that and still read the book. I feel that what an author might do does not influence a book in any way and that she had her reasons for what she did (on Goodreads there is a lot more info on this book's page so if you want to know exactly what happened you can look there).

I really enjoyed this book. It was almost as good as the first one, but outdoing Dorothy Must Die, in my opinion, would be very difficult, if not impossible. Once again, I loved the characters and got very attached to all of them (I hope no one good dies in the next book!). I felt I could see all the characters growing even more than they did in the first book and I truly love when authors are able to do that.

The writing was hilarious! I loved all the different things the characters said, and a few of the idioms that the author must have made up made me laugh out loud! That has not happened to me with a book since second grade when I read Diary of A Wimpy Kid.

This book was entertainment at it's best and I absolutely loved it!
Don't wait, go out and buy this book RIGHT NOW!
Thanks for reading!

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