Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daughter of Glass by Vicki Keire
I received this book for reviewing purposes from Netgalley. I would like to thank them and Curiosity Quills Press for the opportunity to read this book.

Sasha is a girl who can feel no emotions. Her guardians make sure of that like they did for her mother before she died. She feels nothing until she meets Noah and everything changes. When she finds out how her mother really died, her whole life changes. Can she save herself from the same emotions that played a part in her mother's death? Can she save Noah from heartbreak if she can't? Read it to find out!

Although I loved the ideas behind this story and how original it sounded, the book did not live up to my expectations. The plot fell flat and it seemed way too short. It seemed like there wasn't enough things happening for it to be made into a full length novel. I feel that it would do better as a kind of short story to go along with a longer series that better explores this world.

The writing was good, but I felt there were way too many mistakes. They repeated things too much and some of the stuff included seemed way too obvious to me, like they could have left that part out and most readers would still know what was happening. I feel like this made my overall experience with the book less than it might have been otherwise.

I liked getting into the mind of Desire at the end of the book, and started to better realize how the different "emotions" were actually sort of real people, and just how hard it was for them to let go of Sasha.

The worst thing about this book was the insti-love. If I read one more book with that in it, I swear that I'm going to scream. It drives me crazy how they portray love in YA books, and teens should not be thinking that those are healthy relationships. At least it didn't have a love triangle...

Other people who don't read a lot of YA like me would really like this book, but I've seen the same things happen so many times in these books that I have no patience for them anymore.

Thanks for reading!

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