Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

So like me, you've probably read the Wizard of Oz books and watched the movies, so you're use to Dorothy being a hero, the good guy. This book will make you rethink everything- did she really want power the whole time she did all that stuff in the classic story? Do we really know who the good guys and bad guys are in books? All these thoughts and more will flash through you're mind while reading this, and let me tell you- it is an awesome experience!

Amy Gumm is a normal girl from Kansas, living in a trailer park, getting bullied at school- normal stuff that is written about in YA these days. When a tornado brings her to Oz she doesn't find the carefree world she heard about in movies. Apparently, power made Dorothy a cruel ruler, and to make a long story short all of the magic in Oz was taken away for Dorothy and Glinda to use. The "good" witches are the bad witches, and the "bad" witches are the good witches. Amy joins the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to try to use her newfound magic to kill Dorothy. Can she do it in time?

I really enjoyed the writing in this book. The author really knows how to relate to teens and her writing reflects that. She really knows "teen-speak" and I loved reading things that teens would actually say, and not stereotypes that teens only say in movies.

The world was amazing- I have read all of the Oz books, and I must say that the author really did her homework! Amazing!

I read this book a few months ago and I still find myself thinking about what happened and guessing about what may or may not happen in the third book. I will be writing a review on the second book too, hopefully later today.
Thanks for reading!

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