Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Even though I really did not enjoy The Runaway King, if possible this book was even worse. The main characters started to grate on me and other aspects did too. Like I've said before, if you really want to read this story, only read the first book- it has a good enough ending.

Like I said before, the main characters got just plain annoying. Although they were 3D, they didn't seem to have many feelings that differed from Jaron's and followed him into anything, never questioning. Jaron started to annoy me too, what with all of the times he went directly into danger, never seeming to care about his or anyone else's safety and always got out fine with all of his friends uninjured and only worrying about him.

Another thing I really did not like was the lack of death in this book. I hate it when characters die, but in reality if you go to war and many people die, one of your friends is probably going to too. I know that it would be sad killing one of the characters you created, but it's something that every author needs to go through and it will just make their books better and more realistic.

I also really did not like Jaron's character in this book. I feel like the author didn't explain some stuff that he was doing, and in the end when I found out I felt like the author cheated me or was too lazy to add those things to the book. Jaron seemed way too smart and ALWAYS knew what to do. Also all of his crazy war strategies and plans never went wrong, no matter how unrealistic they were.

The only thing I liked about this book was the happily ever after (sarcasm). I actually really found that unrealistic and not fitting for this series at all.

I feel like this series has just gone downhill. The first book was good and held promise for the next two. Unfortunately, they just couldn't live up to it and ended up as big flops.

Thanks for reading!

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