Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sudden Secrets by C. Lee McKenzie

I received this book free for reviewing purposes from Net Galley. This did not influence my review or rating in anyway.

When I picked this book up, I expected a typical YA mystery, complete with ghosts wanting revenge and someone out to kill or harm the main character for no reason whatsoever. I thought this would be a light, quick read that I would be able to review on here fast, and get to reading my next book. Well I thought wrong. This book has all of the things you think of when you hear about YA contemporary, only with lots of things you will never see coming.

The book is centered around Cleo moving to a completely new town and home with her mother, grandfather, pet boa, dog and cat. Her father left to find artifacts in Afghanistan and is basically gone as long as he wants to be, so basically months, if not years. Her whole life was torn apart years ago, when her little sister died. Every member in her family seems to blame themselves on it so they all sort of tear apart from each other. Her mother feels that moving will give them all some closure from that stage in their lifes.

The other thing the book is centered around is the creepy, mysterious house next door. No one appears to be living there, but after watching it during the night, Cleo determines there is someone, or something, there.

So before I said this book does not have any ghosts, and that is true. I will tell you as sort of a spoiler that there is a lady living there, but why no one knows about her you will have to read and find out yourself!

Naturally curious, Cleo and some of her friends try to investigate the house, but after one of them tries to go in the house, Cleo realizes the person must want their privacy and doesn't press further. Towards the end of the book she finally talks to her, but about what, you'll again have to find out yourself.

I loved the main character, Cleo. I could really see her growing as a person throughout the story, and I can tell by the end she was a better person. I wish the ending talked about what happened to the characters more, but I am glad for the epilogue.

This book is already released, and I got it on Net Galley. I feel that everyone should go out and buy this book! It isn't very well known and those books need all the support they can get!

3.5/5 stars
Thanks for reading!

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