Monday, March 23, 2015

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
On Goodreads, I am part of an awesome book group called Young Adult Book Club. (Here's a link to see their page: )
For the month of March they decided to read this book. If you aren't familiar, you basically just read the book and then talk about it when you get to a specific page. There are discussion topics and everything. I would really recommend being in one of these since it helped me get into the book more, and plus it was really fun! I loved how it also made me pick up a book that I probably wouldn't have otherwise, and I ended up liking it!

I loved Sage as a character. He seemed snarky and arrogant, but once you get into the book you realize that that is just how he copes with everything and you really can't blame him for what he is. I also liked how brave of a character he was, but I just wish that more GIRL characters in YA could be like that. I did like seeing a male POV for once though.

I really liked the minor characters too, and how Sage never knew who to trust. In the next books you can see that the friendships he makes will stay with him forever. The author did a pretty good job making all the characters 3D and helping the reader really relate to them.

The book was about trying to get a fake prince on the throne so that Conner can rule behind him. Sage is picked to be one of the boys trained to be the false prince and if he doesn't get picked he will face certain death. He ends up having mixed relationships with the other boys, not really getting along, but at times tolerating each other.

I'll just tell you that the ending WAS surprising, but I feel that I saw the big surprise/reveal coming in the beginning. I have also read the other books in this series, and will have those reviews on here really soon.
Thanks so much for reading!

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