Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen
This is the sequel to The False Prince. While that book had lots of plot twists, and it was very fast-paced, this book really lacked those two things. It really seemed to drag on and the main character, Jaron, really started getting on my nerves, what with all the times he put himself directly in the way of danger and always seemed to get out fine all the while managing to save his friends. This seemed way too unrealistic for me.

I really feel annoyed with the characters in this book. While in the first book, I thought they were smart, witty and brave, in this book they seemed like they were just there for Jaron to boss them around, and he ALWAYS did the right thing while doing so.

The writing in these books is just average, but the first book  wasn't so bad since it was so fast paced. Like I said before, this one was so slow paced, I found myself finding things to do to get out of reading! That literally never happens to me, even books that I really hate and am just trying to get done with, like If I Stay. Ugghh, I really hated that book, and the sequel was even worse if that's even possible.

I have read the last book, and I will say that it doesn't get much better, but it also gives you a lot of closure and I enjoyed that. If this series really looks good to you, I would recommend just reading the first book, it gives enough of an ending that it could be read as a stand-alone.

Thanks for reading!

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