Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tracked by Jenny Martin
Phee lives in Castra, a corporately controlled planet. When her car racing gets noticed, she is soon blackmailed into joining  Benroyal Corp, along with her best friend, Bear. When she finds out that Benroyal murdered her father years before, she joins a rebellion to try and make Castra a free planet. Will they be able to succeed or will she meet the same fate as her father?

I enjoyed nearly every aspect of this book. I feel the best part was how unique it was. I have never read a book anything like this. Sure, the competing sort of reminded me of The Hunger Games but it wasn't a fight to the death (obviously) and I think that the author did a good job writing a new book in terms of originality. That's seemingly getting very hard in the YA age group these days and I love seeing debut authors being able to do that successfully.

The plot moved faster than the cars in the book! I really couldn't put this book down and when I found myself needing to, I couldn't stop thinking about what might happen next. It grips you from the beginning and won't let go. I absolutely loved it.

It sort of had a love-triangle (ugghhhhhh), but I actually wasn't that bothered by it. Phee did the right thing and made it clear that she wasn't interested in Bear that way and wouldn't want to ruin their friendship. I really found myself rooting for Cash and I just hope that what happened at the end of this book can be proven to happen differently (fingers crossed!!!).

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes dystopian books or racing books. Go read it right away!!!

Thanks for reading!

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